Friday, 17 May 2013

The Howitzer, Helm Crag

I have had the pleasure of climbing Helm Crag on three separate occasions.  The first was circa 1983 when I went camping with a small group from School.  We were based in a farmers field on the lowers slopes of Seat Sandal, and had a fantastic view from across the valley.

The second walk we did that week took us up the quiet Greenburn Bottom valley between Steel Fell and the Gibson Knott ridge.  We ascended Calf Crag at the top of the valley before walking back via Gibson Knott.  The last fell we came that day was Helm Crag which stood at the end of the ridge that we had walked along.  I remember being impressed by the rock formations, although none of our party climbed the summit rocks often referred to as The Howitzer.

It wasn't until  2007 and then again in 2010 that I ascended Helm Crag alone, and went on to do the short scramble to the top of the Howitzer.  This sketch is taken from a photograph I took on the 2010 ascent.  It is viewing the Howitzer from the western flank, the side most people see when they arrive at the summit.

Sketch of The Howitzer, Helm Crag.

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